Communicating with friends and family

Whether it’s text, talk, or video, the Internet is a great way to communicate. You may remember spending a lot of money on long distance calls and keeping them as short as possible to keep costs down, but now you can call just about anywhere in the world for free or a couple of cents a minute, and make free video calls with services like Skype, Apple Facetime, Google Voice and Facebook Messenger. For better or worse, old-fashioned letters have been largely (but not completely) replaced by email. And thanks to social networking services like Facebook, it’s easier than ever to keep up with your friends and family, and let them keep up with you. Social media allows you to exchange ideas, photos and videos, and even plan events with friends and family living far away. But don’t think that social networking is just for young people. A 2014 study found that 56% of the online over 65’s use Facebook, and that’s just one of the major social networking services.


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